Programmatic Direct Deals in Google Ad Manager

The realm of digital advertising is forever dynamic and changing, with Programmatic Direct Deals serving as a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of effective targeting and workflow. Google Ad Manager has been leading the charge on that front, implementing tools for selling and buying ad inventory. Here, we will reveal the world of Programmatic Direct Deals for both publishers and advertisers.

Programmatic Direct Deals at a Glance

Programmatic Direct Deals imply the automatic buying and selling of online media advertising stock between a seller and a buyer . It differs from traditional programmatic buying in that the deal is negotiated directly, enabling greater pricing and inventory control.

There are two types of deals:

Programmatic Guaranteed: these are transactions for which there is a guarantee of reserved inventory. Programmatic guarantees are comparable to direct sales in the traditional sense, but they are performed programmatically.

Preferred Deals – do not have guarantees and are not reserved stock deals; in other words, they allow buyers to buy stock at a fixed rate before it becomes available in an open auction.

Setting up Programmatic Direct in GAM

Without programming the details of a direct agreement, this part will not be of much use.

That’s why it’s important to disable this feature. This process is simple; you have to find it in Admin > Global settings > Features. Click on the slide to remove or add the tick in the special square.

Choose the inventory type. You can select several options at once: display, video, mobile app, etc. Thus, the system will be able to better understand which products to put up for sale.

Configure publisher profiles. Add a name, description, and the type of goods you sell to the publisher profile. Buyers select them in the marketplace in order to initiate transactions.

Programmatic Direct Benefits.

Programmatic Direct Deals have several benefits: efficiency, control, transparency, and creative management. It automates negotiation and sales processes, which eliminates the risks of human error. Publishers can either set a fixed price or reserve their inventory for specific buyers, which gives them more control. Both parties have access to the same information on terms and performance, which ensures transparency. Buyers also host and manage creatives in their system, thus saving overhead.


Programmatic Direct Deals in Google Ad Manager is a radical step in the evolution of digital advertising. The automated way of the negotiation period and the opportunity to sell ads more controlled benefits publishers and advertisers to its maximum extent.

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