Understanding the Pricing Model of Google Ad Manager 360

Understanding the Pricing Model of Google Ad Manager 360

For businesses with a larger publisher scope that needs more advanced functionality and flexibility, Google Ad Manager 360 is the right choice. The platform provides excellent tools to manage advertisers across multiple channels, such as mobile, desktop, video, and others. First, publishers should decide what pricing model is more suited for them before implementing GAM 360.

Pricing Model

The pricing model for GAM 360 is not uniform; it depends on the user volume of impressions served and the publisher’s preferences regarding the services. The essential units to identify the costs are as follows:

CPM Charges. Essentially,

GAM 360 operates on a cost per thousand impression basis of charges. Every impression is served at the cost to the publishers. Also, CPM rate decreases depending on the volume of impressions. Hence, the more the ads are served, the lesser the CPM rate slumps; thus, the publishers are attracted to more serves.

Minimum monthly commitments:

publishers are demanded to commit to a certain minimum yield per month. The number is agreed on with the Google Sales Representative who also negotiates the deadline by which the given yield value has to be acquired.

Additional Features and Support

The amount paid for impressions is likely to increase after selecting the specific arrangement or several additional features. In addition to the cost of the features, users can also pick between different offer levels for different types of features.

Unified pricing rules

Google Ad Manager 360 uses unified pricing rules to control the auction floor prices of your non-guaranteed demand. A publisher may set floor prices or target a CPM for its inventory that can be utilized in any context, including the Open Auctions and Private Auctions among others.

Negotiations with Google,

A Google Sales Representative to access GAM 360, the publishers are required to negotiate a contract . The contract directive including the pricing, will be guided with the publisher’s consent and requirements.


Google Ad Manager 360 Pricing Consideration. Publishers can benefit significantly from considering the pricing model of Google Ad Manager 360. The model can be adjusted depending on the number of impressions, additional features, and support packages, but the final price must be negotiated with Google. Overall, if the publisher is willing to work with Google on the type of monetization and terms, it will get a fair pricing construct.

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