What is Header Bidding Trafficking?

What is Header Bidding Trafficking?

The complex landscape of online advertising is constantly evolving, and header bidding trafficking has recently become a game changer for publishers striving to optimize ad revenue. This new method improves the ease of setting up and managing header bidding, an advertising process that allows publishers to sell their ad inventory to multiple ad exchanges .

How Does Header Bidding Trafficking Work?

Header bidding trafficking is executed by setting up the Google Publisher Tags , so bids from client-side header bidding are directly sent to the unified auction. GAM provides an outer interface, enabling publishers to choose line items and configure a series of auctions and the precedence between them. Thus, the process is easier, faster, and reduces possible misconfiguration errors.

Enabling Header Bidding Trafficking for Higher Demand

To enable header bidding trafficking, publishers must have an account with Google Ad Manager 360 (GAM 360). The process involves:

  1. Signing in to your GAM account.
  2. Navigating to Delivery and then Bidders.
  3. Clicking on the Header bidding tab.
  4. Following the prompts to enable Prebid for the network.

By doing so, publishers can reduce the complexity of their header bidding setup and potentially increase ad performance and targeting.

Benefits of Header Bidding Trafficking

  • Simplified Management: Reduces the need for setting up numerous price priority line items and associated creatives.
  • Granular Bidding: Supports true bid values for more accurate auction outcomes.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Offers consolidated reporting across all demand channels, providing publishers with comprehensive insights for informed decision-making.


Header bidding trafficking is a potent feature that helps unlock targeted demand and revenue for publishers. This feature ensures that the publisher’s inventory is well managed and the publishers go through the complexity of the ad tech with ease and efficiently.

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