What Is Sellers.json? A Detailed Guide for Publishers

What Is Sellers.json? A Detailed Guide for Publishers

As the digital advertising world keeps changing, two factors have become central: transparency and trust. Transparency about ad inventory, including who sells it and who buys it, are essential given the growth of programmatic advertising. Therefore, selling . json, a tool developed to increase digital advertising transparency, was created by the Interactive Advertising Bureau .

Understanding Sellers.json

In terms of publication, sellers.json is a text file accessible to the public, containing the entities that take part in the process of selling digital ad inventories. It is located either on the websites of supply-side platforms or ad theatres . The significance of this file is that it contains the information regarding direct sellers and intermediaries, which allows advertisers to have transparency and validate the parties engaged in the process.

How Sellers.json Works

The file requires SSPs and ad exchanges to disclose the sellers they represent, including publishers and intermediaries. It contains multiple fields such as:

  • Seller_id: A unique identifier for each seller.
  • Seller_type: Specifies whether the entity is a publisher, an intermediary, or both.

This information helps in identifying the final sellers of bid requests and ensures that advertisers can trust the inventory they’re purchasing.

Benefits to Publishers

Sellers.json has many benefits to publishers. These include:

  • Increased trust – Sellers.json supports this by promoting transparency. This is important so that advertisers can trust in publishers’ programmatic inventory as their brand safety strategy.
  • Fraud prevention – The JSON file standard helps to eliminate fraud cases for unauthorized reselling of inventory.
  • Control – With sellers.json, publishers are able to confirm which ad networks validate their sales relationship .Steps of Implementation.

Implementation Steps

The steps of implementation can be summarized:

  • Grasp the data required
  • Create the sellers.json file with the publishers information
  • Host it on your SSP or an ad exchange webpage
  • Update the data when changes occur .

The Future of Sellers.json

In the light of the growing role of programmatic advertising and the need to ensure a safe and transparent digital marketing environment, the role of sellers.json is to consistently increase. It is likely that the sellers using this mechanism will soon be a standard and not an exception, thus putting a reliable barrier to dishonest practices within the programmatic supply chain.


In conclusion, sellers.json is an essential mechanism for moving towards transparent and fraud-free digital advertising because of its numerous benefits to the publishers and the entire digital environment.

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